How our business began

When we first started living a plant-based lifestyle, we didn’t realize how many amazing meals were out there. We drank smoothies and ate a lot of salads, but we wanted more variety in our meals. Searching on-line, YouTube, and many books we soon found hundreds of recipes to include in our diets. We also learned about different superfoods to add into our meals to help keep us full and vibrant. We started making delicious, healthy meals for ourselves and then for our friends and family. From our passion for a healthy life, Health At Your Door was born.


Our Story

Lance and Danielle Butler founders of Health at your door, started transitioning to a vegan/plant-based lifestyle 5 years ago (2014). After learning about the effects that consuming animal products had on the environment and our bodies we decided to make a change. First, we stopped eating all red meat and all pork. Next, we stopped eating meat altogether. Afterwards, we lived a vegetarian lifestyle that was short lived because of the research we found on dairy (cheese, milk and eggs). During this time, we did some vegan challenges and also experienced some days of not knowing what to eat. Thankfully, we found out about delicious whole foods plant-based meals we could enjoy. As we ate more plant-based meals we noticed some amazing differences in our energy levels, our health, and our bodies as a whole. Over the next few years we did more of our own research and took several plant-based nutrition courses around Salt Lake valley. In early 2017 we embraced a full vegan lifestyle for our home and have not looked back. In 2018, we graduated from T. Colin Campbell’s plant-based nutrition program. We love learning and continuing our education and we love sharing our knowledge with you!


Our Mission

To inspire healthier communities in Utah by connection them with plant-based, vegan meals that are convenient, great tasting and affordable.